Meet Guest Blogger Sabrina Jensen

Facebook remains the world’s leader in social media and that’s why most business must consider some type of Facebook presence. I also know that a lot of our readers are often asking questions about Facebook, so that’s why I brought in our special guest Sabrina Jensen whose being working closely with Facebook for quite some time. She has plenty of advice and things for you to consider.

I’ll let Sabrina tell you a little more about it…

Facebook for Business Thanks for the welcome and I am excited to be here, sharing a bunch of Facebook strategies and approaches with you.

I’ll be covering everything you need to know to get Facebook up and running for your business, so hang tight, there’s plenty in store.

Here are the topics I’ll be covering for you:

– Why Facebook is important for business
– How to balance your personal profile and Facebook Page
– Setting up your Facebook Page to reach your target audience
– How to promote your Facebook Page
– How to determine your approach to your Facebook Page
– How to increase engagement
– Building your mailing list from Facebook
– Incorporating Facebook into your website
– Is it okay to sell on Facebook?

We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this blog series and I do hope that what you learn will help you leverage the power of Facebook for your business. Make sure you’re signed up for the blog’s RSS feed or mailing list, if you’re not already. That way, you won’t miss a thing. I’m looking forward to delivering a ton of business-focused help for your Facebook marketing.

Free Advertising Using 5 Social Media Sites

Free Advertising Using 5 Social Media Sites

You’ve been realizing lately that you really need to spread the word about your business, website, event or product. But you don’t have
the largest budget on the planet. If you’re looking for ways to advertise for free, you might want to consider making full use of social

Most social media platforms offer paid advertising – and if you have the budget, it’s always better to cover all the bases. But there are socialmediamarketing
some free methods and techniques utilizing social media that can really increase your exposure (and even your personal brand).

Here are suggestions that have worked well for many internet marketers and entrepreneurs on these 5 social media sites…

1.) It’s not enough just spread the word by blogging: You have to also promote your blog. Do it by using Delicious or Digg. Link to your
blog from your Facebook news feed. Send people to your blog by tweeting on Twitter about your latest post; shorten the URL with –
and then check your stats on the number of clicks.

2.) Upload a video to YouTube, and make sure links to your business are placed in the first and last frame of your video (appearing long
enough for people to quickly make a note of the link). Have the same URL in as many places on your YouTube channel page as you
can manage.

Make sure it either (a) is extremely helpful about one tricky subject for the niche you’re targeting or (b) contains all the elements of a viral
video:  Memorable, entertaining, personal, unique – if appropriate, perhaps even funny.  (A Singing Parrot is far more likely to engage
people’s attention than a dry “talking head” video where you earnestly explain your automobile part numbering system.)

You do have to be careful not to be so irrelevant with your amusing video that you don’t attract your target audience at all. (Perhaps have
your Singing Parrot humorously interrupt your earnest explanation of your automobile part numbering system.)

Get creative.  One marketing mom was having a particularly hard time with her 3-year-old twins “ruining” every attempt at making a video. Rather than lose her cool and fight the situation, she edited the clip in Windows Movie Maker to leave in only one interruption – one that was particularly funny. Her mostly female work-at-home-mom audience loved the video, and she reported a 50% increase within 2 weeks in her opt-ins.

There are many other social media sites that offer free features, apps, widgets and opportunities. Check them out to see which ones are the best fit for your business!